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ATF X The Unlikely Florist

Here at All Things Fabulous we’re always inspired by Nature, especially the beauty and color of the California landscape surrounding us. In an effort to bring awareness to our local Venice community and highlight local talent, we’ve decided to feature Spencer Falls aka The Unlikely Florist and owner of Untho’s Fiores, Venice’s local and mobile flower shop. If you’ve strolled down Abbott Kinney Blvd on a recent weekend you’ve probably come across his golden nugget of a 1980 Volkswagen van spilling over with beautifully arranged blooms.

Spencer, a man of many talents including: acting, writing, and snowboarding stems from an artist mother and a father who was an orchardist. A native New Zealander, He arrived in the US to pursue snowboarding in South Lake Tahoe and eventually headed east up to Maine where he was bitten by the acting bug. After a successful television career Spencer finds himself best expressing his creativity through floral art.

With a nod to the simplicity of old Venice beach living, the unlikely florist is a great addition to the Abbott Kinney commercial scene, maintaining a neighborhood feel in an ever growing commercial environment.

Please come by our shop on Thursday, July 14th 4PM-8PM when we will be sharing our space with Spencer and his floral magic!