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Fall Magic

What is it about Fall that adds an electric shock of magic to the air? Whether or not it's the cooler temperatures or the madness of Halloween, something snaps us out of summer and brings us back to falling leaves and indoor comforts.

Summer isn't quite over here but we're already swept up in the magic of Fall. This season ATF's new collection is full of it's usual whimsy but with a touch of fairy-tale mysticism. Winged tigers, fanciful foxes, Pegasus, Red Riding Hood, aliens, and lightning bolts can be found throughout.

Classic and Comfortable silhouettes, brushed on both sides for extra softness, have been combined to provide pieces that wear well for a quiet day inside by the fire with your best fairytale, or for a brisk walk through the woods in the crisp refreshing air of Fall.

As Fall approaches take some time to reflect on what brings magic into your life, go to those places where you find it, and get spellbound!


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