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Many of us are superstitious of some things. As Friday the 13th approaches this October, we're gonna embrace the spooky. 

Black cats were thought to be linked to witchcraft in the middle ages. People thought that witches could shape shift into cats and therefore you wouldn't let one walk past you as it was a witch in disguise. This superstition has made it's way into the 21st century, but we just think it's a bunch of hocus pocus. Cats are just lovable pets, more known to be cuddle monsters that can help you in your darkest of days. 

Walking under a ladder means bad luck, we just think it's more unsafe than anything. 

Many believe that 13 is the opposite of unlucky. From Colgate University to Taylor Swift. They bet everything on that odd number and hey, maybe it's not so bad.

What do you consider lucky?