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Roller Disco Dreams

Our Spring 2017 Collection gets a huge chunk of it's inspiration from the '70s. 
From athletic stripe contrast to burnt orange hues and dolphin shorts- all which you could find at the roller rink.

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In the late 70s, the home of ATF (Venice, CA) was claimed as the roller skating capital of the world. Tons of people would be rolling through the boardwalk and some even still do today. 

The queen of the '70s and our hearts, here is Cher looking ultra glamorous as hell on wheels. 

Flipper's - a popular rink in LA at the time, celebrities like Olivia Newton-John and Jane Fonda would skate the night away. 

You can still find a roller skate joint that has survived as roller skating is a novelty in it's own and will remain that way as an American pastime. 

So grab your terry shorts and rompers 🎶 Get Down Saturday Night 🎶